My wife and I live on the south end of Whidbey Island, Wa where all of the rock art you see is made.  I have always had a love of rocks and using them creatively. From rock hounding on the Oregon Coast as a child, to owning a landscape company for 27 years, I have started to work with stone in a new way, making centerpiece bowls, vases, birdbaths, fountains and sculpture.  It has become a true passion.  Every stone is handpicked for it's unique color, texture and pattern, so that each finished piece of art is truly one of a kind. 


If you see something you love and would like to make a purchase, you can either send an email, call or visit our Etsy shop by clicking on the "shop now" link below.  All fountains and bird baths are for local purchase only. We are also available by appointment. If you are visiting Whidbey Island and would like to stop by our workshop, just send us an email or give us a call. 


 695 Twin View Drive

 Greenbank, Wa 98253


(360) 639-7976

We are available by appointment only and accept cash and credit cards. 

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