Granite Bird Bath

This stone bird bath is made from a smooth river stone we found late this summer on the banks of a river in Eastern Washington. It is black and white granite that has been tumbled and rounded. It has a really unique yin and yang pattern to it. It is a smaller bird bath, perfect for birds such as finches, juncos, hummingbirds and chickadees. The stone has been cut flat on the bottom so it can sit on a patio or deck as well as out in the landscaping surrounded by plants. 10 1/2x7 3/4x2 1/2.

Beach Stone Bird Bath

This stone bird bath is the most beautiful color and pattern! We found the stone on a rocky beach along the Puget Sound in the Pacific Northwest. It was deposited thousands of years ago by glaciers and then smoothed even more by pounding waves. This is a smaller bird bath with a size of 10 1/4" long, 7 3/4" wide and 2 1/2" tall. The basin has been carved to a depth of 1 5/8" deep with gently sloping sides. The basin has a beautiful polish to it, which really brings out the shades of green.

Beach Stone Bird Bath

The stone for this bird bath was found in a deep river channel where the water has been rushing over it and smoothing the outside for years. The basin has been carved and polished to a depth of 1 3/4" which birds of all sizes will love! The color is a deep black with white and rusty brown. The size is 11 3/4" long, 8" wide and 3" tall. This is a functional art piece that you will enjoy either on a patio or deck, as the bottom is cut flat, or nestled among the plantings in the landscape.

Weathered Granite Bird Bath

This bird bath was made with a contorted piece of highly weathered and aged granite for the base and a piece of aged granite for the top to match. The top was ground out 2" deep to accommodate a variety of bird species and then highly polished. The two pieces are pinned together with a stainless rod.

Limestone Pillar Trio Fountain

The three pieces of Limestone for this fountain were collected in the mountains of Northern Idaho. They have a beautiful patina on each piece. This fountain has a nice sound and would be perfect right next to the patio with low plants around it.

Gray and Red Polished Marble Fountain

This gorgeous marble boulder came from the Chewelah, Wa area. We made into a bubbling stone fountain that will be a perfect addition right next to your patio!

Large Granite Fountain

This large Granite Boulder was collected from a beach that was being restored. It has the most perfect oval shape and light texture. The black minerals in the stone give off a beautiful sparkle in the sunlight.

Weathered Limestone Fountain
Polished Granite Bird Bath Basin

Here is the top view for the aged and weathered granite bird bath. The sides slope in gently to a deeper center for both smaller and larger birds.

Polished Basalt Column

This basalt column from Central Washington was cut flat and then carved into a bowl on the top to create an area for the birds to bathe. The top was then polished and sealed. The birds love the sound of running water and have room all around the top to stand and take baths!

Gray and White Stone Fountain

The coloring of this boulder is a blend of white, rust tones and dark gray. It is one of the glacial deposited stones found here on Whidbey Island.